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Interior design: the power of colors on your happiness

Choosing colors for an interior is not a matter of trend or taste. That had to be said ... Let me explain: You like blue, it's always been your favorite color. And you decide to put some in your kitchen and your dining room. Your space will, for sure, be relaxing and help you focus if you work from home.....Not bad, but in terms of appetite and conviviality, we're not really there.

Why? because each color stimulates different feelings in our brain. It's not me who says it, but neuroscience.

As I deeply believe that spaces should improve the quality of life of their occupants, this is what I base myself on when I work with my clients. My first question is : how do you want to feel in this room? what activities will you practice there? and from there, we will adjust the range of colors to the emotions they stimulate.

So yes, a pink or orange living room or even better terracotta, makes people talkative and cheerful, and a relaxation or meditation room deserves its purple touch.

Did you know that restaurants painted red have a higher average ticket than others? The Italians had already understood everything...

For the most curious, I invite you to read the works of Jean Gabriel Causse the astonishing power of colors" and Karen Haller "The little book of colors".

And if you want to put your husband on a diet without telling him, then go for gray, navy blue, or bottle green on your kitchen walls ;-)

I am available to advise you in Lille and its metropolis to talk about colors, materials, layouts, and everything that will make your interior a unique and personal place. Don't hesitate



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